My First Blog

So How do i start this ? Well this is my first blog i never done anything like this but always considered giving it ago.
So lets Begin my name is Shay O’Connor im currently living in great Manchester , location bacup Rochadale , Im 23 male currently apprentice tattoo artist working along side my girlfriend Hannah who has been a experienced artist for last 5 years.
Im currently in my  3 month apprenticeship working and building my client base , i have been spending a lot of time building portfolio work researching and observing how a true artist works with there clients .
At the moment client base is at stand still cause of the holiday year Christmas but hoping to gain and be more successful January February months .
I will be blogging daily with my day to day life not just tattooing but inside of my own life too.
Thankyou for reading my first blog .

5 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. Good luck on your first blog! I’m a big lover of body art (I’ve got my first ink very recently, the post is in my blog) and I’m hoping to get more in the future! Cheers! :)x

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