What is trash polka ?

What is trash polka ?

With tattoos becoming more and more commonplace, many people are looking for tattoo artists with unique and distinctive tattoo styles to help them stand apart from the crowd. After all, isn’t part of the fun of having tattoos that you’re “different” in some way? Many artists are continuing to develop and evolve existing styles, but some artists are taking a different approach. One instance of a breakaway tattoo style is Trash Polka–a style that is bold and stands out in a crowd. But what is Trash Polka, what makes it so appealing, and what are the pros and cons to Trash Polka style tattoos?

Trash Polka is a style of tattoo art that began at Buena Vista Tattoo Club in Würzburg, Germany by Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky. The style resembles fine art collages in that in combines realistic images with smears, smudges, and kinetic designs that generate a discordant, chaotic look to the piece. Words are sometimes included. Trash Polka pieces are only done in red or black ink. According to Volko, this style is a combination of “realism and trash; the nature and the abstract; technology and humanity; past, present, and future; opposites that they are trying to urge into a creative dance to harmony and rhythm in tune with the body”.

I’ts a bold style ?

Trash Polka style tattoos stand out because of their use of both bold and fine lines and heavy use of black and red inks. Yes over time it will fade just like any other tattoo, but has a fresh dramatic piece it strikes out well.

I’ts a rare style ?

First, this style of tattooing is fairly new and it originated in the EU. Like any other trend this took of with a storm from its epic centre Germany before commonly moving across the world. They are very selected artist that do this style regularly normally world take a plane ticket to get this sort of tattoo because of the selected artists.

Should you get trash polka tattoo ?

Getting this type of tattoo all depends on personal taste like any other tattoo research designs and find a good artist that will give you the best of the style you choose. Personal opinion i think trash polka is very bold and very eye catching and definitely a style that will become a big trend in the years to come.

Here are my designs! 

Here are some designs i have drawn exampling trash polka with a few colour changes.




The Bloggers Bible ! Tips and Tricks

Bloggers tips and trickshttps://www.google.co.uk/#q=http:%2F%2Fshaymadtatter.blogspot.co.uk%2F

Well today’s blog is about blogging and what it means to blog, you don’t have to be a professional writer to have a blog you just need good content to bring in a really good audience to read your content. I’m gonna share my experiences and my tips that i have read and used and still using to this day. I’m no professional i have only been writings blogs for the last 4 to 5 months .

Blogging Tips

  • Write about topics I like the most , identify a area i’m good at and find a audience in that section. ( Reddit)
  • Use different social media platforms to promote your blog but use them differently.
  • Good headliners that don’t tell to much.
  • List reasons in the blog the brain loves lists keeps the blog more interesting.
  • Boost social media engagement ( Photos /GIF/videos
  • Influence marketing adding branded names and links .
  • Be relentless and competitive .
  • Get a writing style.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Images matter.
  • Good layout .

These are some tips i’m currently using, but has every person knows to be a good blogger can take some time. Practice and research improves everything, i find reading other blogs, articles, books , and podcasts are good sources to help you gain knowledge about blogging.

I will be updating the blog piece weekly to help guide beginner bloggers has my self so we can work together and get the best experience by sharing knowledge and stories of our experiences .


Here is a link of website giving information on how to create a wide blogging audience.


How to grow social media audience ?

No matter what stage you start up is, you will wanna continue to grow your social media organically and advertising. That if its for personal use or business use the technique is exactly the same.

Here are 7 effective tips to help and improve your social media audience on the top three social networks starting with strategies common to all of them:

  1. Creating a strong social profiles and pages.

The strong starting point for all social media is profile and pages this includes having branded cover photos or profile photos. It also requires filling out your details for example https://twitter.com/ has 160- bio which make is short and sweet, which include websites and locations. https://facebook.com want a short description ,website , address and phone number.

    2. Sharing quality content.

Before you startup gets going fully you need to focus and audience you wanna attract for example if you wanna be a blogger your audience are gonna be aimed for writers and other bloggers. Blogging has many tools like videos which can be uploaded on many social networks Twitter /Facebook/Youtube. Youtube is well know site for video uploading which help gain wide range audience depending on your content.

   3. Adding links on social accounts.

Adding links to your social accounts is really effective method which makes your profile readers easily to find other accounts with your content like Twitter,Instagram;Facebook or even published websites . Links send your audience directly to your content with in a click.


   4. Connecting social accounts.

Connecting social accounts is great way the gather a audience, by doing this you can send messages or post all at the same time on to 3 to 4 social accounts at the same time. Hootsuite application is great site that can link accounts and share post through many social accounts.

  5. Follow your target audience.

Twitter allows you to follow up to 5.000 people. You can follow more after when people start to follow you, use twitter search and find people that target your audience.

  6. Twitter advertising.

If you have an advertising budget, try Twitter advertising. Twitter will promote your account to your target audience members to encourage them to follow you.

  7. Facebook pages.


If you click on the drop-down arrow next to your photo at the top right of your Facebook dashboard, you have the option to use Facebook as your page by selecting it from the list. This will allow you to ‘like’ other Facebook pages as your page and comment on them. Find pages where your target audience are engaged and start communicating with them with your page.

Here is a link to many more stratergy guides 


YouTube Begins here !

So today i have published my first official  Youtube video introducing my self and topics i will introduce.


  • Tattoos and tattooing
  • Business and social media discussions
  • life stories
  • family stories 
  • General discussion and thoughts

I will be publishing has much has i can also linking my blog so it attracts a wide range of

audience through social media.

Youtube is a big step for me self publishing my self more vocal understanding for 

people to understand my stories and my content that im trying to cover.

Here is my introduction video please enjoy.

Tips and advice for beginner tattoo artists.

I have been a apprentice tattoo artist around 6 months now, and in that time I have learned a lot what the tattoo industry has to offer. Tattooing is a very competitive industry they are many great artists all over the world demonstrating unique styles and trends what are grabbing people’s attention all the time. Tattoos are getting more popular every year the amount of people that message, come through the doors of the studio and that attend tattoo conventions doubles constantly.

So what I’m going to write are some tips and advice I’ve picked up in last couple months that I’m going to share with you all, these tips and advice won’t really apply for experience artist has they should already know the industry well.

  1. Get critiqued

Even though artists don’t like to hear negative critiques of their work, and hurts to hear what aspects of tattooing you are failing on in a other sense this makes artist stronger. Makes the artist practice his/her weak spots and imminently the artist will improve and become a stronger artist.

  1.    Repartition

Everyone knows the more you practice in anything you do the better you become, this is just the same has tattooing the more you practice the fundamentals and basics of tattooing the better you will become on the way. Speed is not essential at the start of your career that is skill that you will come over time the more you practice eventually all your skills will come together has one.

  1. Trends

Yes, there are defiantly trends in tattooing for example Japanese, new school, black and grey realism, vintage traditional. These are styles that are currently going to this day and have been for many years, but still other styles are coming through the tattoo industry, it only takes one artist to create one unique style to start a following trend.

  1. Research

Research is very important in this job not just for design ideas or equipment but for your competition you want to research other artist work see what they are producing. Eventually if you planning to compete in conventions around the country most likely your competition will be there branding and networking is work.

  1. Social media

Social media has become a big impact on today’s world and is used regular for everyday duty’s, having good following audience will boost your client base for example if you designs available you will post them on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook and people will view and recognise your work . Also, advertising your studio and calendar schedule of availability’s is a big advantage. Connect with other artist discuss work maybe guest spot at other studios.

  1. Portfolio

Always keep a portfolio of your work it comes handy when clients want to see your progress or what kind of work you have done on other clients, show and demonstrate your strong drawing ability keep copies of your designs you never know when you going to need a similar style so you can reuse for reference.

  1. Fun

Have fun with your job there no point carrying on stressing about how bad your tattoo turned out keep positive and confident smile enjoy your work, you will find out that you produce high quality work when you’re feeling happy and good about yourself.

Tattooing is fun but hard work there more you put in the more you get back out.

My name is Shay O’Connor and I’m a tattoo apprentice from Manchester.

Thank you for reading

The Manchester United tattoo sleeve


So for the last couple months i have been tattooing a client who is a really big Manchester united fan , Even though there not my team it was a pleasure to tattoo. He knew my level of experience and hes gave me full confidence in what i can do. So first design i did the Manchester Munich clock with time and date. 

It was great piece to start of the leg sleeve also being a well know design piece it really set the theme. The second piece of the tattoo was Manchester united red devil but in side the devil i incorporated the Manchester united badge.

Yesterday was are third session and we decided to add stars with championship dates with number 7 Cantona on the back of the calf .

Next months sessions were planning on doing a George best design to tie in towards the stars.George best will be the first colour piece iv done on the leg sleeve and im looking forward to show my colour skills.

Blogger vs WordPress


Are you planning to be a blogger ?

If you planning to be a blogger and struggling what service to use , i recommend to  sign up and try both services. I have been blogging around 5 months now and i have used both blogger and word press. I am currently using blogger for the reasons are, more accessible and easy to navigate profile and type up post.

5 good points of blogger. 

  • Easy profile navigation / setup.
  • Free.
  • No hosting required.
  • Google based service.
  • Good for beginner bloggers.

5 bad points of blogger.

    • Only selected widgets.
    • Not great text format.
    • Limited profile design.
    • No profile tutorial.
    • limited sharing options.


WordPress is a professionally used service that a lot of experienced bloggers use to share there work.Only thing what makes WordPress a great service the amount of tools that are accessible to use for example plugins and paid hosting. Plugins help to make your blogging service far better also makes your views easy to access your content once published and shared.Hosting is a service which helps you set up a professional blogging service which includes domain names , storage, RSS . With a domain name makes your blog more appealing and professional which creates more viewing.

5 good points of wordpress

  • Great blogging tool.
  • Good social sharing.
  • Great text format.
  • Easy profile navigation.
  • Social blogging service.

5 bad points of wordpress

  • Paying service.
  • Complicated import/export.
  • Hosting.
  • Plugins.
  • WordPress.org

These are some of the pints i personally think are good and bad, but in all fairness both are good services all depends on the person who is using the service and adapts to the blogging software. There are many YouTube videos out there showing and directing you in the right directions also other blogging articles online explain the tool usage and also show you the best profile layout.

Thank you for reading.

Hosting services

The women in Black

So last night i was thinking about a memory i had, it was a winter month back in 2012 were me and my dad decided to go out for a few drinks . It was kinda a rough year had a lot changes careers wasn’t going great few relationship issues so the idea was to go out to cheer my self up . It was coming up to midnight and i was just finishing my last drink has it was going to be closing time soon. Has i was about to leave through the front door a women in her 50s grabbed my arm , from the point you can imagine what i thinking. So has she holding my arm she reading my thoughts and she said to me you haven’t been sleeping much have you ? , you have a lot going on in your life at this moment stop worrying and relax and everything will be okay i promise”.

I was so confused i just didn’t understand how she knew my situation from one touch , has she let go she smile said goodnight and went home but i felt over whelmed but also felt much better in my self.Couple days later i saw the landlord of the pub he told me that it was his sister that she is clairvoyant. In truth of the story is that the women in black she was right about everything , i turned my life back round and everything turned out fr the better.

thank you for reading .