The Golden Retriever !

Well about 1 month ago me and my partner Hannah went to a puppy kennel to look for our second pet but our first dog together . We was so excited but so nervous because we decided to get a dog that picked us . it took a while we looked around for about 45 minutes looking at all the dog breeds. We came across 3 male golden retrievers they was in a corner huddling together keeping warm.We was watching them for good 10 minutes and wanting to get closer , has we was about to ask for assistance a young girl came to the kennel room to feed them so we asked could we get a closer look and the young girl said ‘of coarse you can ‘ from that moment the golden retriever came to us kissing our hands and our faces .

So from that moment we got him the young girl gave us his documents and with in 20 minutes he was in the car on the way home with us. In that month time he has created a loving character but a very cheeky one to , he has became best-friends

with rocky our kitten that i have previously blogged about. I bet your guessing what did we call him well …. we named him chunk because hes big presence and his greediness ,but from here all i can say for now his hes amazing dog and great addition to our little family.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed.


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