The Ghost Cat!

So here is a little story for everyone me and my girlfriend Hannah moved to Bacup, England In November it is currently our first house together in a little village with beautiful surroundings and people. After couple of nights being here we started to experience un -normal sounds and shadows around the house but mainly in our bedroom. Hannah was the first to experience these has she kept waking up during the night saying there was things crawling on the floor. ”Me its just your imagination or its a dream” but couple days later i experienced this for my self i woke up in the middle night starring into corner of the room yes i was half asleep but i saw it black shadow shaped has cat. From this point me Hannah didn’t know what to expect with house being so old we just thought it might be just us being silly. Weeks went on noises got louder shadows became more clear , but it started to crawl on us in bed at night and you could actually feel the weight of the cat which i found really weird. About a month ago i was sleep and i sleep next to the window and this one night i saw the curtain part and shadow shaped has cat scratching the window ,this freaked me out i was like ”Im out of here ” but yet we persist and we carry on. Me and Hannah continue to feel and here the ghost cat more regular now it sleeps between us at night purring at next us. Rocky our kitten gets hyper a lot at night we believe he plays with the ghost cat has the security camera in side the house has picked up fast moving orbs around the room and around rocky. I currently don’t have any recent footage or videos but i thought i would share our experience with you.

Thank you for reading .


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