Creating a habit ?

So today i would like to talk about a few things that iv read up recently, that a really interesting sources and skills. Creating a habit im not talking about bad habits like , biting your nails or stuffing tissues in your pockets im talking about good habits.Habits that will get you far in life for example:

  • Getting up 6.00 am every morning.
  • Reading a book or listen to a podcast.
  • Go to work.
  • Listen to a podcast on the way home from work.
  • Study valuable skill.
  • Write down notes of thoughts and ideas ? .

Im talking about habits that can actually educate you even when you dont notice , for example podcast are great source of education you can listen to them whenever , were ever you are. You could be out jogging listen to a podcast learn something new at the same time you will be surprising Β how useful this technique really is .Books are great you can learn so many new skills from a books but not everyone has the time or even the attention span to intake what knowledge books have, this can be because your brain might be bored of the idea or you maybe easily distracted. Iv learnt if you read in 20 minute sessions you can intake a lot if you can read more that great but breaks are useful because your brain can not intake to much at one time . Habit is just routine that your brain need to get familiar with the more practice you take creating a habit the more you will be able to do . I am no expert and i am still learning for my self and educating and creating good habits for my self so can carry on in life with a great mind set. YES! we all get distracted we get lazy we tell our selves ‘ yes ill take out the rubbish tomorrow morning ‘ but really you will wait and wait till it gets late and you wont do it. Habits need to be in place to push your selves use your skills and ability , its just like going to gym summers coming and you want that beach body your gonna push yourself to get that body but instead of stopping once you have achieved continue.

Here is a link of a book i currently read with great source of information i do recommend a read.

Thank you for reading



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