The women in Black

So last night i was thinking about a memory i had, it was a winter month back in 2012 were me and my dad decided to go out for a few drinks . It was kinda a rough year had a lot changes careers wasn’t going great few relationship issues so the idea was to go out to cheer my self up . It was coming up to midnight and i was just finishing my last drink has it was going to be closing time soon. Has i was about to leave through the front door a women in her 50s grabbed my arm , from the point you can imagine what i thinking. So has she holding my arm she reading my thoughts and she said to me you haven’t been sleeping much have you ? , you have a lot going on in your life at this moment stop worrying and relax and everything will be okay i promise”.

I was so confused i just didn’t understand how she knew my situation from one touch , has she let go she smile said goodnight and went home but i felt over whelmed but also felt much better in my self.Couple days later i saw the landlord of the pub he told me that it was his sister that she is clairvoyant. In truth of the story is that the women in black she was right about everything , i turned my life back round and everything turned out fr the better.

thank you for reading .


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