Blogger vs WordPress


Are you planning to be a blogger ?

If you planning to be a blogger and struggling what service to use , i recommend to  sign up and try both services. I have been blogging around 5 months now and i have used both blogger and word press. I am currently using blogger for the reasons are, more accessible and easy to navigate profile and type up post.

5 good points of blogger. 

  • Easy profile navigation / setup.
  • Free.
  • No hosting required.
  • Google based service.
  • Good for beginner bloggers.

5 bad points of blogger.

    • Only selected widgets.
    • Not great text format.
    • Limited profile design.
    • No profile tutorial.
    • limited sharing options.


WordPress is a professionally used service that a lot of experienced bloggers use to share there work.Only thing what makes WordPress a great service the amount of tools that are accessible to use for example plugins and paid hosting. Plugins help to make your blogging service far better also makes your views easy to access your content once published and shared.Hosting is a service which helps you set up a professional blogging service which includes domain names , storage, RSS . With a domain name makes your blog more appealing and professional which creates more viewing.

5 good points of wordpress

  • Great blogging tool.
  • Good social sharing.
  • Great text format.
  • Easy profile navigation.
  • Social blogging service.

5 bad points of wordpress

  • Paying service.
  • Complicated import/export.
  • Hosting.
  • Plugins.

These are some of the pints i personally think are good and bad, but in all fairness both are good services all depends on the person who is using the service and adapts to the blogging software. There are many YouTube videos out there showing and directing you in the right directions also other blogging articles online explain the tool usage and also show you the best profile layout.

Thank you for reading.

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