The Bloggers Bible ! Tips and Tricks

Bloggers tips and tricks

Well today’s blog is about blogging and what it means to blog, you don’t have to be a professional writer to have a blog you just need good content to bring in a really good audience to read your content. I’m gonna share my experiences and my tips that i have read and used and still using to this day. I’m no professional i have only been writings blogs for the last 4 to 5 months .

Blogging Tips

  • Write about topics I like the most , identify a area i’m good at and find a audience in that section. ( Reddit)
  • Use different social media platforms to promote your blog but use them differently.
  • Good headliners that don’t tell to much.
  • List reasons in the blog the brain loves lists keeps the blog more interesting.
  • Boost social media engagementΒ ( Photos /GIF/videos
  • Influence marketing adding branded names and links .
  • Be relentless and competitiveΒ .
  • Get a writing style.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Images matter.
  • Good layout .

These are some tips i’m currently using, but has every person knows to be a good blogger can take some time. Practice and research improves everything, i find reading other blogs, articles, books , and podcasts are good sources to help you gain knowledge about blogging.

I will be updating the blog piece weekly to help guide beginner bloggers has my self so we can work together and get the best experience by sharing knowledge and stories of our experiences .

Here is a link of website giving information on how to create a wide blogging audience.


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