Tips and advice for beginner tattoo artists.

I have been a apprentice tattoo artist around 6 months now, and in that time I have learned a lot what the tattoo industry has to offer. Tattooing is a very competitive industry they are many great artists all over the world demonstrating unique styles and trends what are grabbing people’s attention all the time. Tattoos are getting more popular every year the amount of people that message, come through the doors of the studio and that attend tattoo conventions doubles constantly.

So what I’m going to write are some tips and advice I’ve picked up in last couple months that I’m going to share with you all, these tips and advice won’t really apply for experience artist has they should already know the industry well.

  1. Get critiqued

Even though artists don’t like to hear negative critiques of their work, and hurts to hear what aspects of tattooing you are failing on in a other sense this makes artist stronger. Makes the artist practice his/her weak spots and imminently the artist will improve and become a stronger artist.

  1.    Repartition

Everyone knows the more you practice in anything you do the better you become, this is just the same has tattooing the more you practice the fundamentals and basics of tattooing the better you will become on the way. Speed is not essential at the start of your career that is skill that you will come over time the more you practice eventually all your skills will come together has one.

  1. Trends

Yes, there are defiantly trends in tattooing for example Japanese, new school, black and grey realism, vintage traditional. These are styles that are currently going to this day and have been for many years, but still other styles are coming through the tattoo industry, it only takes one artist to create one unique style to start a following trend.

  1. Research

Research is very important in this job not just for design ideas or equipment but for your competition you want to research other artist work see what they are producing. Eventually if you planning to compete in conventions around the country most likely your competition will be there branding and networking is work.

  1. Social media

Social media has become a big impact on today’s world and is used regular for everyday duty’s, having good following audience will boost your client base for example if you designs available you will post them on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook and people will view and recognise your work . Also, advertising your studio and calendar schedule of availability’s is a big advantage. Connect with other artist discuss work maybe guest spot at other studios.

  1. Portfolio

Always keep a portfolio of your work it comes handy when clients want to see your progress or what kind of work you have done on other clients, show and demonstrate your strong drawing ability keep copies of your designs you never know when you going to need a similar style so you can reuse for reference.

  1. Fun

Have fun with your job there no point carrying on stressing about how bad your tattoo turned out keep positive and confident smile enjoy your work, you will find out that you produce high quality work when you’re feeling happy and good about yourself.

Tattooing is fun but hard work there more you put in the more you get back out.

My name is Shay O’Connor and I’m a tattoo apprentice from Manchester.

Thank you for reading


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